Back in Time

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Beautinélle- Back in Time

Maximum instant hydration to dry skin, lightens skin tone, rejuvenates, smoothest wrinkles and filling the skin from the inside. It even the skin tone, firmness, and elasticity the skin. Also provides regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Three of the effects:
1. Contains collagen to promote the synthesis of skin collagen fiber chains.
2. Effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and delay aging.
3. A variety of natural moisturizing ingredients, so that the skin instantly replenishes moisture and is full of vitality.

The six benefits are:
1. Refreshing and easy to absorb.
2. Firming the skin and enhancing anti-wrinkle.
3. Replenish skin collagen to make skin full of elasticity.
4. Moisturize and moisturize skin.
5. Effectively reduce the fine lines of dry lines and delay aging.
6. Forming a breathable compact film.

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